International Symposia on Implementation and Application of Functional Languages

This is the web-site for the International Symposia on Implementation and Application of Functional Languages -- IFL. The name was changed in 2004 to add the term application, and from 2006 the title was changed from Workshop to Symposium, in line with similar events such as LOPSTR or TFP. These changes reflect both the broader scope IFL has gained over recent years, the long-standing production of a high-quality and respected refereed post-proceedings, and an increasing trend towards moving functional languages out of the research laboratory and into the real world.

The first workshop on the Implementation of Functional Languages on Parallel Architectures was held in Nijmegen, the Netherlands in 1989. IFL has run as an annual international event since then. From 1996, a selection of the best papers presented each year has been published by Springer-Verlag in their Series of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). These papers are selected by a rigorous post-facto refereeing process to form a formal proceedings of the workshop, with papers undergoing two rounds of revision before publication.

The scope of the symposia covers all aspects of the implementation and use of functional programming languages, including but not limited to: compilation and interpretation, abstract machine design, parallel and concurrent implementation, automatic program generation, novel applications, tools and techniques, program analysis, runtime profiling, memory management, type checking, computer architectures, array processing, debugging and tracing, language concepts, verification and formal aspects. The current symposium description will contain more precise details and guidance.

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