Jobs You Can Acquire with a Master’s in Nursing

Do you have a master’s in nursing? Are you looking to pursue a master’s in nursing? Are you stranded on the career path to choose after undertaking a master’s degree in nursing? If your answer to these questions is yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we shall go through a couple of career paths, all based on a master’s in nursing. We shall also go through the essentials of master’s education in nursing and what it takes to succeed in this field. If you find this topic interesting, then follow along as we unravel this life-changing mystery.

Not many people have a master’s in nursing. Therefore once you attain once, you separate yourself from the pack. You tend to stand out more and automatically open up doors of opportunities. The best part is that you get a chance to earn more money and gain respect as you might get promoted after pursuing a nursing doctorate.

There are a couple of careers that you can choose from, which include:

  1. Research nurse
  2. Nursing consultant
  3. Nurse educator
  4. Advanced nurse practitioner
  5. Clinical nurse

We shall go through some of these career paths or the jobs for you, and maybe one of them will interest you.

What Jobs can you get with a Masters in Nursing?

Nursing Consultant

If you have a passion for offering advice, this field might interest you greatly. Here you get to provide professional advice to many entities. A management consultant provides help to improve any risk management, cost control, and communication.

As a legal consultant, you get a chance to work with an attorney or an insurance company.

Community consultants can work with a county or neighboring clinic to provide consultation services.

While working as a consultant, you stand a chance of earning up to 125,000 USD dollars as your average masters in nursing salary. Hence, it is a well-paying job, plus the fact that you get to exercise your duty efficiently makes it even more enticing.

Research Nurse

Research nurses typically work as specialists in clinics. They mainly focus on tasks that require a lot of research. Hence, if you love solving mysteries and discovering new things, this career path might interest you.

Research nurses work in many fields whereby they gather information, evaluate researched data, examine statistics, and such like tasks.

You will mainly work in a team whereby each team member will play a part in the research.

Research nurses earn an average salary of about 90,000 USD. If you are looking for masters in nursing jobs, this is a great one to look up.

Nurse Educator

To become a nurse educator, you have to specialize in an educational path as you attain your master’s degree. The main job of a nursing educator is to teach as a professor in various institutions, which range from:

  • Business schools
  • Community colleges
  • Major universities

If you are searching for jobs with a masters in nursing degree, then this is a perfect one to try out. Of course, you have to love teaching as this will be your main job after all.


The master’s in nursing salary is pretty enticing, and the fields are just endless. Therefore if you are looking to pursue a doctorate in nursing, then you are sure to set out to achieve greatness.

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